QQ–Now and In the Future

Due to budget cuts, the Monterey Herald no longer publishes my quotation quiz. So my nine-year, 476 weekly column run is over at the Herald. Unless I find a new publication home for the quotation quiz, I’m not planning new quizzes. In the meantime, please enjoy the hundreds of previous quizzes, and I greatly thank those who read this website.

BUT WAIT! Looking to the future, plans are in the works for a “What’s Your Quotation Quotient?”  podcast sometime in the early part of 2023.  Thank you for your patience. This quiz will rise again!





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7 responses to “QQ–Now and In the Future

  1. Shell Fisher

    Arlen . . . Heartbreaking!!!! Your “Quotation Quotient” was one of the few interesting things the Herald published . . . I thoroughly enjoyed it every time. I’m on your email list so, if you establish a new venue, let me know.

    Stopped my subscription to the Herald over a year ago . . . now I’m elated that I did!


    *Box 152* *Carmel Ca. 93921* *831-620-1882*

    *link to Shell’s websites: *shell-fisher.wix.com/websites *———————————-*

    On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 11:52 AM, “Quotation Quotient™” wrote:

    > Arlen Grossman posted: “Due to budget cuts, the Monterey Herald will no > longer publish my quotation quiz. So my nine-year, 476 weekly column run is > over at the Herald. Because of that, and summer travel plans, I will take a > break from writing new quizzes. But I will try to find ” >

  2. Darrell Yoshimi

    So sorry to hear. (No wonder I couldn’t find it on the Herald website today) I always looked forward to your column every Sunday. I hope you find a new home soon! Actually I’ve found that the quality of the paper has gone downhill since the ownership change.or whatever happened a couple of years ago (or whenever it was).

    Enjoy the summer and happy travels!

    Best Regards, Darrell Y

    • Thank you for your kind words, Darrell! I agree with your thoughts about the Herald, and unfortunately, it applies to the newspaper business in general. Have a great summer yourself.

  3. Jim Dozier

    Time to drop my subscription. Dumbing down of the paper.
    Jim Dozier

  4. Mary Kay Norseng

    Thank you for the fun & joy you’ve given us. The quiz has been the best part of the Sunday Herald and had become a Sunday evening ritual for us: libations and the qqcontest. We will miss your wit, Arlen. A great loss for the paper. We hope the powers that be recognize this. Good travels to you!
    MK Norseng & Tom Williams

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