About Arlen

Arlen Grossman retired in 2010 from the teaching profession to devote full-time to writing.  He has a Journalism degree from Cal State Northridge (as well as a M.S. in Counseling from Cal State L.A.) and has done freelance writing over the years, with articles and letters in many major newspapers and magazines. His blogs went public in July 2011.

Arlen wrote a weekly What’s Your QQ? ™” (Quotation Quotient) quiz column for The Monterey Herald for nine years (2007-2016).  He did a QQ radio segment (with prizes) on The Morning Show once a week for several years. He blogs politics at thebigpicturereport.comArlen lives on the Monterey Peninsula in California with his wife and an assortment of animals. 

Arlen’s email : agross408@aol.com.

“Exploding QQ” logo designed by the talented Nick Rendernick. Thanks, Nick.



11 responses to “About Arlen

  1. Couch

    Great Job, Mayor!

  2. fia

    Hi Arlen,

    Your site is fantastic, looking forward to some great quotes!!! Love the artwork, too!!!



  3. Mark Sorkin

    Very nice Arlen!

  4. bi;;y sunshine

    wanna write, how bout a sitcom about a radio station and its crazy owner callers and hosts


    • Good idea, Billy. Would it go under comedy or horror? By the way, I’m just launching my political blog, thebigpicturereport.com, and I’d like your honest opinion and suggestions. I’d like to add guest commentaries, and if you are so inclined, I’d be happy to have you do one.

  5. Vicki Pearse

    Love your quotes and look forward to them each week in the Herald. But “(no cheating!)” hits a sour note — dump it. Printing the answers upside-down is perfect, all that’s needed. I enjoy the quotes far more than the game, and my scores say less about my skills than about your particular multiple-choice offerings.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Vicki. The “no cheating” is put in by the Herald editors. I will pass on your comments to my editor there. You are right, of course, that your scores are not as
      scientific as an actual “I.Q.” test, and are mainly there for the entertainment value. But it surprises me when some readers say the quiz is too easy, and others say it’s too difficult.

  6. Hi Arlen,

    I’m thinking about running your article in my monthly magazine via the Senior Wire News Service. Do you have a colorized version of your exploding QQ logo by Nick Rendernick?

    • I appreciate your interest in my quotation quiz, Jeff. I like the look of “The Best of Aging” and hope to contribute to it. I don’t have a color version of the logo, but I’ll see what I can do and get back to you.

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